Summer Short courses


We are proud of our unique summer courses differing widely from the other summer courses offered in Oxford. We do not follow traditional lecture – based teaching but have many interacting seminars, workshops, events, conferences and more over a hands – on approaches to learning latest skills in medicine,biomedicine and various disciplines in sciences. Students will enhance their learning through practical sessions as oppose to the theoretical lecturers.We use lectures, seminars, workshops, presentations, team work for our Masters learning in the morning followed by hands – on practical sessions in the afternoon.

We have range of medical and science courses available from 2 weeks in July to 3 weeks in August. Students can choose 1 Master courses and their respective hands – on practical sessions in the afternoon.

To make a choice on the available Masters courses please choose one masters module from our AM classes with its hands – on PM sessions

These short courses are very popular among international students from all over the world. We run these courses within the Universities in Oxford and London.



Masters (AM classes)
  • Career Path to higher education in sciences in UK
  • Advances in Medical Science
  • Advances in Microbiology
  • Advances in Biochemistry
  • Advances in Genetics & Forensics
  • Advances in Biology &Environmental Sciences
  • Innovations in Biotechnology
  • Advances in Psychology
  • Advances in Cosmetic Sciences

Hands – on (PM sessions)
  • Hands on pathway to studying medicine & dentistry. Practical sessions on Antibiotics and bacteria culturing
  • Practical on liver, diabetes cell science, blood typing etc
  • Practical involving solving crimes science, DNA fingerprints
  • Field work undertaking marine life, flora and fauna in UK
  • Practical on use of fermentors, visits to Pharma companies
  • Practical sessions on working of mind, brain functions etc
  • Making of creams, lipsticks, moisturisers, shower gels etc
  • Career options to higher education in the UK after completing Science and specialists tests.

Sample Schedule

9:30 – 12:30 Masters Subject Seminars

12:30 – 1:30 Lunch

1:30 – 4:30 Hands – on Practical sessions

4:30 – 6:30 Day time Activity

6:30 – 7:30 Dinner

Summer Science research programme

Our Summer science research project offers students with additional advantage of hands on research under renowned scientists specialising in various disciplines of science. Students will be engaged in the designing of hypothesis to the implementation of techniques employed for their research proposal.

Students will be able to enhance their understanding on the latest technological advances in science. Students can chose their project from choice of various disciplines in sciences such as Microbiology, Medical science, Biochemistry, Biology & environmental science, Genetics & forensics, Biotechnology, Psychology and Cosmetic Sciences.

Summer science research project are run for 3 weeks in July and August.

Day time Activities – Ice Skating, Ball dance competition, Badminton, Ski club/Skateboarding, Museums , Punting and Rowing.

Weekend trips – Bath and Stonehenge, Cambridge, Stratford – upon – Avon & London

Accommodation –Experience unique atmosphere of college life at Oxford & London University halls of residence. Most of our accommodation are held in historic building with beautiful gardens and access to local amenities. Some are modern premises held in the main city of Oxford and London.

For more info and to check availability for any of our courses visit Apply page to make your booking using Paypal, or by debit, credit card or call on 0044 (0)1865 304023.